Avocado Health Benefit for High Blood Pressure

avocado freshnessWhat most people refer as avocado is the fruit that comes from an avocado fruit known as Persea Americana. The avocado fruit is highly priced due to its nutritional value and is commonly added to virtually all types of dishes due it its health benefits, rich flavor and texture.

Today, avocado has become more popular and prevalent among health conscious individuals. It is commonly referred to as a super food, and that is not a surprise given it health benefits. So what exactly makes avocado a super food?

Avocado has several health benefit, but for the sake of this article, I am going to talk about the health benefits of avocados in relation to high blood pressure. Avocado helps in combating high blood pressure, a condition that affects about 25% of the world’s population.

High blood pressure can result in serious consequences, such as kidney diseases, stroke, and increased risks of heart attack. So what makes avocados effective at combating high blood pressure?

Avocados are a Good Source of Potassium

You definitely need to increase your daily potassium intake because most people barely take a half of the recommended daily intake. Potassium is essential for several reasons: It helps regulate the heartbeat keep the nerves and muscles working, as well as lowering the blood pressure.

Avocado works against sodium, therefore, counterbalancing the ability of sodium to increase blood pressure. One cup of sliced avocado contains about 700 milligrams of potassium while the recommended daily intake of potassium is about 4700 mg. This means that you can get about 15% of the recommended daily intake of potassium by just taking a sing cup of sliced avocado.

Avocado Provides Healthy Monounsaturated Fats

Though the body need dietary fats, it is important to limit your fat intake by up to 35% of your daily calories and if possible avoid saturated fats that raise the cholesterol levels in the body. Replacing saturated fats with monounsaturated fats can help lower your blood pressure by a great percentage.

Avocado is, therefore, a perfect source of monounsaturated fats. A single cup of sliced avocado has about 21 grams of fats, which includes about 15 grams of monounsaturated fats and 3 grams each of polyunsaturated and saturated fats.

Avocados Boost Fiber Intake

While the insoluble fiber is best known for keeping the digestive tract regular, soluble fiber has the ability to protect the cardiovascular system healthy by reducing cholesterol. Research has also shown that a dietary fiber can help reduce high blood pressure.

A 100 gram of avocado serving has about 7 grams of fiber, which reflects to 27% of the recommended daily intake. About 75% of the fiber is insoluble while the rest is soluble.

Though avocados have a great number of health benefits, it is important you watch the amount you take because they have high levels of calories that may not be good for your health. If you have to take plenty of avocados, make sure you hit the gym to burn the excess calories.…

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Abs Workouts At Home For 6 Packs

In this era where most ladies admire men who are physically fit and have a well-built bodies, working out to build your six packs may be a routine requirement in your workout program and home may be the place best to work your abs and develop those six packs. With that said and done, let us now look at some of the best abs workout that you can do at home to develop your six packs.

Spiderman Press-Up

The Spiderman press-up is specially designed to engage your core and build your six packs faster than usual. While this workout targets the chest and triceps just like any other press-up, you are only supported on three points of contact as you move your leg forward, meaning your abdominals and other core muscles have to work even more hard to maintain your stability.

How to Do Spiderman Press-Ups

Get to the normal press-p position. Lower your body towards the ground as you bring your right knee to your right elbow, making sure you keep it off the ground. Push back and return your leg to the starting position. Switch sides and repeat several times.10 minute standing ab


This old-school workout is still in existence for a reason, it helps in overall activation of the muscles especially the core muscles. Crunches are effective at bursting the core muscles on your abdomen and help build the six packs.

How to Do Crunches

Lie on the floor flat on your back while bending your knees at an angle of 90 degrees. Put your hands on either side of the head. Push your back into the floor while at the same time lifting your shoulders a few inches from the ground but make sure your lower back is in contact with the ground all the times.

Tense your abs a little bit harder at the top point of the movement, the return to the starting position. Repeat this several times till you feel a burning sensation on your abs. You can do this for as long as you feel comfortable.


Sits-ups are some of the best workout on your abs to help build six packs. Sit-ups will not only work on your abs but also your back muscles.

How to do sit-ups

Lie down on the ground while bending your knees and if possible hook your feet under something that will help prevent them from moving. Put your hands behind your head and contract your core muscles while lifting your torso up such that your body forms a V shape with your thighs. Slowly lower your torso to the starting position. Repeat this for as long as you feel comfortable.

Side Planks

Side planks are great at working the abs besides working on the arm and shoulder muscles. As you do the side planks, a lot of abdominal strength is required to help maintain the balance.

How to perform side planks

Lie on your right or left side with your knees in a straight position while at the same time propping your upper body up so that it takes its weight on the forearm. Tense your core and lift your hips till your body is in a straight line. Maintain this position for a while breathing deeply. Switch positions and repeat the workout for a given time.

Basically, these are some of the abs workout you can do at home to help build your six packs. The good thing about these workout is that they do not require any special equipment. Do you want to build your six packs? Try them out.…

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Erection: Herbs to Enhance Blood Flow for Harder Erection

Concerned About Your Sexual Performance?

If you are a man who is concerned about your sexual life, particularly on your erection, then these following herbs should help you keep a harder one in bed.how to get harder erections

Tongkat Ali

Perhaps one of the most common herbs for men looking for solutions in their sexual department, Tongkat Ali keeps your testosterone up and works everything from there on. With high testosterone, an individual is assured of higher sexual desire and many more factors ultimately leading to a more energetic flow of blood to the genitals.


A strong erection is produced by good blood circulation and that is just what L-Arginine does. More specifically, L-Arginine relaxes the blood vessels above the penile area in order to promote better circulation in the area since the blood would be flowing more through relaxed vessels rather than tensed ones.

Again, good circulation = strong erection


Originating from Northern Brazil, this specific herb has been used for the longest time already by ancient civilizations to enhance libido.

Catuaba targets energy in general and increases sexual desire as well in order to increase the functions of the pathways connecting your brain and your sexual organs. According to numerous reports who have tried this herb, the most noticeable effect of Catuaba are frequent erections and stronger orgasms.

Catuaba is often taken with another herb called Muira Puama in order to improve its effects.stronger erections


This list just wouldn’t be completed without good old Ginseng. This herb is highly respected already in the feel of sexual wellness due to its numerous effects, including keeping strong erections.

Ginseng improves blood circulation in the body and is perhaps the most tested herb in this department. Ginseng can be taken in many ways from supplements, pills, to simple teas, making it one of the most versatile herbs in this list, and in any list you will see actually.

These four herbs are proven to help men enhance blood flow for a harder erection but you should not be limited to these choices. A few of the honorable mentions include Horny Goat Weed, Tribulus Terrestris, Maca Root, and more.


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Six Male Sexual Issues and How to Prevent Them

Sexual well-being is an important part of a man’s life, irrespective of his age, sexual alignment or civil reputation. It is also an important portion of a couple’s foundation and plays an important standard of life. Sexual related issues in men are very common and can affect their sexual health. Most of the male sexual related problems can be treated but it is also important to note that they can be prevented. Below are six common sexual issues in men and how to prevent them:

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is the disability to acquire or maintain an erection for sex. This condition differs in men depending on their age. Erectile dysfunction can be caused by epilepsy, stroke, spinal cord injuries, diabetes, congenital anomaly, nervous system tumor, Addison’s diseases, pelvic trauma, and poor lifestyle habits.

To help prevent erectile dysfunction, it is essential that you visit a physician for regular screening of diseases that might cause it. Another possible prevention of erectile dysfunction of changing the poor lifestyle habits such as smoking, drinking alcohol, and abusing drugs and other substances.

psychosexual therapy
Premature ejaculation

This is another common male ejaculatory issues where men discharge seminal, sperm, and prostatic fluids faster than normal during sexual intercourse. Premature ejaculation can be caused by unfavorable conditions and penile hypersensitivity. It can also be as a result of early stages of diabetes.

To prevent premature ejaculation, doctors recommend that you go screening once in a while to check on diseases that can cause premature ejaculation. It is also essential that you take antidepressants as they help prevent premature ejaculation.

Disordered orgasm

This is a condition in men where they are not able to reach an orgasm even after achieving maximum stimulation. In most cases, this condition is caused by poor lifestyle habits such as drinking alcohol, smoking, and abusing drugs and other substances. Disordered orgasms can also be caused by ailments such as diabetic neuropathy, pelvic trauma as well as consuming drugs like alpha- blockers.

Prevention of disordered orgasms involves a change in bad lifestyle habits like consumption of drugs and alcohol. Regular screening for genital complications and diseases that can cause the disordered orgasm is also important.

Low libido

Low libido in men is a condition in men in they have less desire for sex. It is common in men who are over 30 years. Low libido is caused by the decrease of testosterone hormone in the blood. This hormone is produced in the men’s testicles and is responsible for maintaining maximum sex drive in men. Low libido can also be caused by consumption of excess alcohol and cigarettes smoking, high blood pressure, and depression. High blood pressure medications can also cause low libido in men.

Low libido can be prevented by avoiding drugs and alcohol as well as consulting your doctor if you previously had medications for high blood pressure. Screening of the testicles for any problems can also be a good way of preventing low libido.

Prolonged ejaculation

It is a condition in which men take much time than usual to discharge seminal or sperm fluids. Prolonged ejaculation can be caused by medications on erectile dysfunction and other diseases such as diabetes.

To prevent prolonged ejaculation, consult your doctor early enough and discuss the possible treatment for this condition.

Peyronies disease

This condition results in narrowing of the penis. If the condition worsens, it is very painful and can prevent you from having sex. This can be caused scar tissue possibly as a result of a previous penile injury. To prevent this condition, consult your doctor if you had previous penile injuries and discuss the possible remedy for this condition.

All said and done, male sexual disorders can be a sexual threat but with proper prevention approaches, these conditions can be reduced and help you live a better sexual life.…

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Most Popular Weight Loss Exercise for Men

Anybody who has tried to lose weight can tell you it is not an easy walk on the path. In an effort to help you burn the excess fats and trim your weight, I have pilled a few of the most popular workout routines that will help you reduce weight within the shortest time possible and in an easy way.

weight Loss Exercise For Men
Here are some of the most popular exercises for weight loss in men:

Barbell Squats

Squats are big, strong moves that need a lot of energy to carry out and also use a variety of muscles. Squats have been proved to be more superior at burning excess fats and calories compared to the machine- based leg press.

How to Do Barbell Squats

In performing barbell squats, stand on your feet more than shoulder-width apart to allow for deeper squats, obtaining your hamstrings and glutes involved. Hold a barbell with an overhand grip on the upper part of your back but avoid resting it on the neck. Get the weight of the barbell and slowly squat down with your head up and back straight. Lower yourself such that your hips and knees are at the same alignment level and your legs at a 90 degrees position. Move your heels into the ground and push yourself vigorously to an upright position. Repeat the process for as long as you feel comfortable.


This is one of the most simple but effective weight loss exercises. Without the use of any gym equipment, this exercise requires nothing but the determination to activate your chest, arms, and shoulders all at once. The more muscles you activate, the higher the amount of calories and fats you burn, hence, significant weight loss.

How to do pushups

Set up your body weight supported by your hands under your shoulders and toes while in a straight position. Be careful to keep your core locked so that a straight line is formed between your heels, glutes, and head. Lower your body till the chest is a few inches from the floor and then vigorously move up by extending your arms fully. Repeat these several processes several times till you are sure to have burnt a lot of calories.


This form of weight loss exercise did not just earn its name for nothing. It is a full body workout that will leave you sweating in the gym as it activates most body muscles to burn fats and calories. Performing burpees daily for a short time will prompt your body to burn fats and calories by working on your chest, arms, shoulders, and legs all at a go.

How to do burpees

Begin with your feet and shoulder-width apart and squat till your thighs are in a parallel position with the floor. From the base of the squat, put your hands on the ground and kick your legs out in a press up style behind you. Push up till your arms are straight and then move in your legs at the base of the squat posture. Move up through your heels to about 6 inches above the floor and repeat the process.

There are several other popular forms of weight loss exercises that I cannot round up in this single article. They include barbell rolls, sit-ups, bent over rows, barbell lunge, and barbell bench press among others. All these exercises will get your body burning the excess fats and calories and in the end helping you shed off excess weight.…

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Penis Health and Sex Tips for the Summer

penis enlargementSummer is a time when many a man meets up with a new partner or finds time to research new types of intimacy with a current one. Such being the situation, what guy does not appreciate some good penis health and sex tips once the weather gets a little on the hot side? Bearing that in mind, we offer the following sex tips for the remaining days of the summer – and also for future seasons to come.


– Use the warm weather. Having sex outdoors in the winter isn’t usually on very top of everybody’s listing (unless they reside in a tropical heaven, of course) – so take advantage of the summer weather to get frolicsome outside. Be sensible, of course; do not disrobe and be entangled on a busy street. However, a backyard that has a high privacy fence or in a field that’s indeed abandoned can be an excellent spot to become one with Nature while getting one with this particular person.

Sleep nude. A man’s penis can become rank from summer sweat, so make the most of this heat to sleep in the nude – and also encourage that special someone to do this too. The shortage of clothes makes spontaneous sex just that much more straightforward.

However, maintain ice nearby. Sometimes even without clothing, the warmth can get oppressive. Bringing along a bucket of ice can further assist couples to have fun cooling down each other before getting down to brass tacks. And sucking on an ice cube before indulging in oral sex may take things to an entirely different level.

Prevent pool sex. Some films make making out from the pool or spa look intensely sexy. In reality, the heavily chlorinated water may dry out the skin, such as that sensitive penis skin. Additionally, it washes off natural lubrication, adding the wrong sort of resistance to a couple’s sexual experience.

Utilize that bikini top. Couples that are into bondage, even in only a joking manner, can enjoy employing a bikini top for a method of linking the lover down. Or up.

Oil upward. Refreshing body oils, scented with scents that entice and intrigue, maybe especially welcome on a hot summer time. For much higher impact, rub them in while a buff is gently blowing across the epidermis.

Change locations. Sex is fun regardless of where it’s – but sometimes having sex at an entirely new area makes it even better. Summer is great for travel, therefore sometimes pack up things and hit the street. Whether traveling on an overnight camping trip, a weekend-long excursion to a local city or a holiday from the nation, new sites might mean new fresh sex. For people who can not escape, try having sex in another room in the home – or perhaps just at a new position.

Get useful. Sometimes, the summer heat is so oppressive that the idea of a single body on top of another could be a little turn-off. But that is the reason why we have palms. If intercourse is out for the night on account of this heat and the sweat, think about a day of guide fondling and kissing instead.

Penis health and sex tips are not relegated only to the summer, naturally, and one suggestion for many seasons is that: Daily use a superior penis health crème into the manhood. The ideal option will offer a broad selection of vitamins, like vitamins A, B5, C, D and E. Topical program allows the vitamins to target the human penis more specifically. Also, the crème should include alpha lipoic acid, a powerful antioxidant that combats free radicals and the damage they could cause.…

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10 Sex Positions That Driver Her Crazy

Sex is an essential component of intimate relationships. It is an expression of love and connection between partners. Of course, men and women aim to satisfy their partners.

In most cases, men are in-charge of sex. It is men’s primary responsibility to satisfy his partner with the performance. Hence, sex positions can help you impress your woman. It can contribute to the pleasure and satisfaction of the whole love-making process.

Here are 10 sex positions which according to women, drive them crazy:


This is the most popular sex position often used by couples. This position is ideal because it allows a man and a woman to bond with each other.

It makes it easy for partners to connect with each other through by seeing and touching each other. Through this position, you can whisper or breathe into your partner’s ear, and that would turn her on.

Belly to Belly

This is a like a missionary redone. In this position, the woman lays flat on her back and open her legs for the man to penetrate initially in a missionary position.

The man then closes his legs and lowers his entire body down onto hers. According to Dr. Kat Van Kirk, sex therapist, this allows the man’s mon pubis to be in perfect alignment with the area surrounding the woman’s clit.


This position gives authority to women being them on top. Through cowgirl position, the woman can tease control and have control over penetration as well as rhythm. She can raise herself up or down while controlling the speed and motion.

Reverse Cowgirl

The same scenario with the woman on top, however, the woman faces contrary to the man. This diminishes eye contact, making the girl to feel about your assets. It makes sex more primal because both of you are feeling through physical sensations.

Doggy Style

Everybody knows this position in which partners face away from each other and connecting from behind. Doggy style is one of the best ways to bond, which also leads to shared orgasms. Women love this position because it gives deep penetration that can bring to immense pleasure.


Women love spooning because it allows them to be embraced. The act of embracing raises women’s level of oxytocin and PEA, which are both essential factors to be feel loved and connected. If you want to add some romance, whisper to her ears and caress your lover, grabbing those pairs.

Lazy Sex

In this position, partners lay on their backs perpendicular to one another. The man penetrates from behind her while she lifts her top leg over his hip. It allows women to stimulate their clitoris while men control the pumping.

Moreover, this is a perfect position if you have minimal energy. On the other hand, it can still allow you two to control your own orgasmic sensation.

Legs Up

One of the most pleasurable positions is Legs Up in which the woman lays on her back and places her feet on the man’s shoulders. The man then pounds endlessly, while seeing the whole view of the women. Most women love this because of much more precise penetration.

Standing in the Shower

According to sexologist Eric Garrison, sex in the shower allows partners to take it long and slow. The warm water will make you feel relaxed, which can also add extra lubrication.

Seated Lotus

This position allows a close bond between partners as they offer a face-to-face intensity of missionary. The man sits with legs loosely crossed, while the woman is on top of him. This closeness allows you to kiss, hug, whisper and caress each other.…

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Top Good Health Tips for Men

Many men take better care of their cars than their bodies and overall health.  Though many expect it from them, Men are not Invincible.

Health Advice For Men

5 Men’s Health risks to be cautious about

  1. Heart Disease. Heart disease comes in many forms.  If undetected, a cardiovascular disease can lead to serious, fatal conditions.
  2. Respiratory diseases. It may start out as an innocent “smoker’s cough”, but can lead to life-threatening conditions.  All these conditions will interfere with the ability to breathe.
  3. Alcohol Consumption. Alcohol consumption increases your risk for cancer.  It also interferes with sexual functioning and hormone production.
  4. Liver Disease. Alcohol and Tobacco use increases your chance of developing liver diseases.  The liver rids your body of toxic substances and helps digest food.
  5. Diabetes. Diabetes can lead to nerve and kidney damage, heart disease and stroke.  It can also cause vision problems and even blindness.

Be proactive.  Knowing the health risks that are affecting Men, you can start working towards countering them. Men have a tendency to ignore their bodies’ warning system’s alarms, even as it relates to their sexual health. Unfortunately, denying these signs will not make them go away.

5 Ways for Men to Improve Their Overall Health

  1. Exercise Regularly. Exercise has enormous emotional and physical benefits.  It reduces the risk of many chronic diseases and will improve your mood.  Better blood circulation will also affect your sexual health favourably.
  2. Drink Alcohol in moderation. Excessive drinking can cause physical disease as well as social tragedy.
  3. Stop Smoking, even better, do not start smoking.
  4. Control your weight. Increase good fats and good carbohydrate intake in your diet.  Whole grains and omega 3 fatty acids will go a long way in improving your health.  A balanced diet offers more nutrients, vitamins and minerals that your body needs for overall health.
  5. Have regular medical checkups. Regular cholesterol and blood pressure tests can help in catching diseases early and prevent damage to your heart and arteries.  Some diseases do not have any telltale symptoms and can cause harm without your knowing.

It is never a bad decision to eat better and healthy and to exercise regularly.  It will only promote your overall well being and enjoyment of a full life.

Another article: Is male enhancement okay or not?…

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Men: How to maintain Sexual Health throughout your life

Male sexual health is not only the absence of disease. Optimal male sexual health includes sexual desire (libido) and the ability to act on this desire through getting and sustaining an erection (erectile function).

Many men start to think about sex early in life and will still think about it in their last days on earth.  Sex is an important part of life.

It can be seen as just another hormone-driven bodily function to keep the species going.  On another level, it is known to be a pleasurable activity and can help seal the bond between two people.

A lot of factors can play an important role in both the desire for sex and the ability to have sex.  Physiology, mental health and emotional factors can all play important roles in sexual health.

Erectile dysfunction is the inability to get and maintain an erection long enough for satisfying sexual activity.  The probable causes for erectile dysfunction are numerous but can include, stress, depression, relationship issues, low testosterone and even cholesterol clogged arteries.

Where most erectile dysfunctions can be treated with male enhancement products, it is still better to make sure what the cause is.  Through treating the cause, the problem might clear altogether.

Ways to improve sexual health through looking after yourself

What is good for your heart is good for your sexual health.  Make sure that your circulatory system works in top shape.  Keep in mind that your sex organs work on blood flow and blood pressure.

Stay active.  Sex might get your heart rate up, but through regular exercise, you can help your sexual performance by keeping your heart in shape.

Reduce stress.  Stress causes a lot of negative reactions in your body.  It increases your heart rate and blood pressure, both of which are damaging to your sexual health.  Exercise is a good way to reduce stress or talk to your partner about the stress.  This might calm you down.

Sexual performance declines naturally in ageing men, but a rapid or severe decline in libido can be an early warning sign for other illnesses.  There are links between sexual and overall health that can send a red flag as a warning sign for bigger issues and health concerns.…

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Male Enhancement; is it worth your time and money? Does it work?

Millions of men all over the world experience different kinds of sexual dysfunctions in their lifetime.  As, for that matter, millions of products on the market claim to fix all of these problems.

Do not be fooled; these products range from being, maybe effective, to outright dangerous.  Most are a waste of money.

Male Enahcement Issue

Reputable suppliers of Male enhancement products such as supplements and extenders like size genetics penile lengthening and strength device, do exist.

Herbal/Natural Based Supplements

These products were developed and tested to help men that suffer from sexual dysfunction issues.  And mostly contain herbs and organic ingredients.  It should not contain any chemicals or prescription drugs.

Male enhancement supplements work by increasing blood flow to the genital region.  This rich supply of blood surge through the genitals and an erection occurs.  The blood is trapped in the spongy tissues, and this will keep the erection functioning.

Male enhancement products mostly contain combinations of herbs and natural substances that are traditionally used to enhance manhood.

Herbs that dilate blood vessels and increase blood flow are essential ingredients in these products.  Natural aphrodisiacs and herbs known for improving sexual performance can also be found in enhancement products.


Attainable results:

  1. Will improve erectile function and increase erection size
  2. Boost sex drive (libido)
  3. 3. Increase sexual energy and stamina
  4. More intense orgasms (both partners)

False Claims:

  1. Permanently increase erection size
  2. 2. Only proven product to naturally grow erection
  3. 3. Our secret formula is not available elsewhere
  4. 4. Approved enlargement pill

Sadly, magical pills do not exist.  However the male enhancement market swarms with exaggerated promises of magical improvements and cures.  Misleading advertising and false claims can turn out to be downright rip-offs.

Instead of furtively turning to untested methods when experiencing persistent concerns, visit your doctor.  Performance problems or sexual dysfunction sometimes act as an early warning sign for more serious health problems.

Penile Devices

About 17 years ago, some smart plastic surgeons were fed up the high cost of bigger penis surgeries and its attendant dangers, plus after effects.

They designed what to be known as penile extender devices that naturally and safely elongate the manhood at flaccid state, permanently.

After rigorous testing and clinic trials, the perfect shape, design and solutions were rolled out to the public.

And the icing on the cake is that you not only get your treasured package bigger, fatter and longer, but you can this milestone without causing injury to ‘him’ and at fraction what it would cost you to obtain surgical treatment.

Some warnings though: All penile devices are made equal and you must be aware of imposters and fake or cheap male enhancement devices. We advice you invest only on premium grade such as Sizegenetics. More information for male here.…

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