10 Sex Positions That Driver Her Crazy

Sex is an essential component of intimate relationships. It is an expression of love and connection between partners. Of course, men and women aim to satisfy their partners.

In most cases, men are in-charge of sex. It is men’s primary responsibility to satisfy his partner with the performance. Hence, sex positions can help you impress your woman. It can contribute to the pleasure and satisfaction of the whole love-making process.

Here are 10 sex positions which according to women, drive them crazy:


This is the most popular sex position often used by couples. This position is ideal because it allows a man and a woman to bond with each other.

It makes it easy for partners to connect with each other through by seeing and touching each other. Through this position, you can whisper or breathe into your partner’s ear, and that would turn her on.

Belly to Belly

This is a like a missionary redone. In this position, the woman lays flat on her back and open her legs for the man to penetrate initially in a missionary position.

The man then closes his legs and lowers his entire body down onto hers. According to Dr. Kat Van Kirk, sex therapist, this allows the man’s mon pubis to be in perfect alignment with the area surrounding the woman’s clit.


This position gives authority to women being them on top. Through cowgirl position, the woman can tease control and have control over penetration as well as rhythm. She can raise herself up or down while controlling the speed and motion.

Reverse Cowgirl

The same scenario with the woman on top, however, the woman faces contrary to the man. This diminishes eye contact, making the girl to feel about your assets. It makes sex more primal because both of you are feeling through physical sensations.

Doggy Style

Everybody knows this position in which partners face away from each other and connecting from behind. Doggy style is one of the best ways to bond, which also leads to shared orgasms. Women love this position because it gives deep penetration that can bring to immense pleasure.


Women love spooning because it allows them to be embraced. The act of embracing raises women’s level of oxytocin and PEA, which are both essential factors to be feel loved and connected. If you want to add some romance, whisper to her ears and caress your lover, grabbing those pairs.

Lazy Sex

In this position, partners lay on their backs perpendicular to one another. The man penetrates from behind her while she lifts her top leg over his hip. It allows women to stimulate their clitoris while men control the pumping.

Moreover, this is a perfect position if you have minimal energy. On the other hand, it can still allow you two to control your own orgasmic sensation.

Legs Up

One of the most pleasurable positions is Legs Up in which the woman lays on her back and places her feet on the man’s shoulders. The man then pounds endlessly, while seeing the whole view of the women. Most women love this because of much more precise penetration.

Standing in the Shower

According to sexologist Eric Garrison, sex in the shower allows partners to take it long and slow. The warm water will make you feel relaxed, which can also add extra lubrication.

Seated Lotus

This position allows a close bond between partners as they offer a face-to-face intensity of missionary. The man sits with legs loosely crossed, while the woman is on top of him. This closeness allows you to kiss, hug, whisper and caress each other.

10 Sex Positions That Driver Her Crazy
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