Voice Male Book is a surprising, challenging but compassionate book on the inner workings of the misunderstood modern man.  Men are often stereotyped as not being able to commit to relationships and that they are uncommunicative.  Voice Male Book lies to rest a few misconceptions.

To find answers to many questions never properly answered before, a reach out to American husbands from all ages, classes, religions and backgrounds, resulted in many myth shattering revelations.

Why do men choose to marry?

How do men define happily-ever-after?

What do husbands really want from their wives?

Voice Male Book gives a fresh, new way of thinking on age old questions.  The new research gives surprising conclusions to these questions.  Nearly every husband will understand himself better through reading this book, and nearly every wife will say, “Now I get it.”

Voice Male Book is a book that hopes to make women feel hopeful about men.  It reveals an emerging man culture where men join women in creating a world where all can be safe and free.  It also tells the story of a movement of men supporting women in the struggle to end violence against women.

Voice Male Book is articulating a vivid portrait of the new direction for modern men as well as a hopeful vision for the future of men.


An Inside Look at the Transformation of Masculinity

Voice Male Book dispels many damaging myths about men and their actions and feelings.

5 Convention-challenging insights featured in Voice Male Book

  1. Men like women’s company. They propose marriage because they want the emotional, physical and intellectual companionship of a woman.
  2. A positive outlook and self-confidence are traits that men look for in a potential life-mate. Beauty attracts, but a woman needs to keep a man interested.
  3. A man can change. Most husbands are open to change in a healthy, positive way.
  4. Sex life is more satisfying when household chores are divided to the satisfaction of a wife.
  5. A man’s relationship with his father shapes him into the husband he will become. The old wife’s tale about looking out to see how a man treats his mother is long outdated.

Voice Male Book also sheds light on men’s struggle to keep a balance between work and family and supporting a wife in her career.  Men do marriage through sharing space and engaging in side-by-side experiences with his wife.  Men perceive and express intimacy through doing daily mundane tasks, like making the bed and being giving in the bedroom, rather than just taking.

The myth that sex is most important for men is also shattered.  Research showed that husbands in mature marriages reported a high level of sexual satisfaction, regardless of the frequency of physical sex with their wives.

This engaging, insightful book paves the way for greater compassion between the male and female sexes.  Men will recognise themselves and women will come to understand the men they love.